“I want to pose for the 12% Project but I don’t know any photographers, or I don’t want someone to take a photo of me.”

“I don’t have much time to spend on this project but taking a selfie only takes five minutes (for example, after having a shower!)”

“I live outside mainland France but I still want to contribute to the 12% Project.”


Tutorial : how to take a digital self-portrait (selfie) with a smartphone





20150916 215352

Go to the camera app on your smartphone and switch the camera to selfie mode.

20150916 222112

Go to the camera settings menu (wheel icon) and activate the timer mode (at least five seconds to have time to pose and obtain a clear image).


Set up the photo: if you don’t have a monopod or selfie stick, place the smartphone on the floor and lean it against a wall or prop it up on a table, chair or other piece of furniture, or against a book or box.


Take some time to prepare: undress and remove any jewellery, and practise getting into position:

- Face forwards holding your hands behind your back.

- Either put a blindfold around your eyes (this requires good balance) or crop the photo underneath your face so it doesn’t appear in the photo.

- Remain expressionless. Don’t smile.

- Click the camera button and quickly get into the pose (and stay there).

Take several photos just in case.



Ta-da! (Hey, is that really me?!)

Selfie long


If you’re happy with the photo, send it to the 12% Project using the participation form on our website.