The aim is to massively raise women’s awareness by sharing :


At the same time, we also want to bring the media on board to spread the message as far and wide as possible.

This is an artistic project. Our objective is to collect 1,000 photos (see the photos that have already been taken by clicking on the following links Presentation and Last updates )

If we reach this target, this will be the biggest ever artistic project dedicated to preventing breast cancer.

The aim is to produce a small monochrome portrait. The final portraits looks like a lithograph produced using a photograph (see Our approach).

Anyone who wishes to take part – whether an amateur photographer or not – can take a photo. It is also possible to take a photograph of yourself (see Selfie).

The photographies are anonymous, the participants cannot be recognized, and respect for the person taking part and their image is our main concern (see Confidentiality & Ethics).

You can also contribute to the project using other art forms (drawings, paintings, sculptures, videos, etc). All skills are welcome. The list of people who have already participated in the project includes graphic designers, web designers, artists, IT engineers, and doctors… (see How can I take part ?).



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