How can I take part ?

Stage 1 - Take a photograph (or several)

  • The recommended pose is to be nude and standing with your shoulders and abdomen facing the camera and your hands behind your back. Your head should be upright and you can wear a blindfold over your eyes.
  • It is also possible to crop the image so that it shows only your body (and not your head).
  • Models who do not wish anything distinctive to appear in the photo (tattoos, beauty spots, etc.) can let us know and we will delete these marks from the image.
  • Participants have great freedom over what they submit. All types of artworks, so long as they are artistic, are welcome. Feel free to send us a drawing, painting, sculpture, collage or video.

Stage 2 : Conditions to take part

Please read the following conditions:


The 12% Project is non-profit-making and voluntary (see Confidentiality & Ethics).


Stage 3 : Participation form

If you unconditionally accept the above conditions and your photo is ready, please send it by email to :

or via a secured files transfer website to the above email (for instance Wetransfer).

Then, you will receive a confirmation email in return.


Every sended picture would be photoshopped to guarantee the model’s anonymity and to make sure they are in keeping with the project’s photographic style (depersonalization, polishing, shaded colour scheme). The final image will be sent to you for approval. Indeed, no image would be published on this site without the explicit model’s agreement.



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