Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I take part to this project ?

You must be aged of 18? Go to How can I take part.


I am both model and photographer ; how can I realise my autoportrait with a smartphone ?

Go to Selfie

I filled a participation form on my smartphone. When I try to upload the file, nothing happens or an error message occurs. What happens ?

It may be possible that the uploaded image is too huge compare to the network bandwidth at this moment. Please try to compress the image or try to upload a smaller picture.

About "us"

1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1...=> 1000...or more ?

At the beginning, there is a photographer. He got an idea, find models : colleagues, friends, talk to people who spread the idea, network of people, a frightening statistic that concerns at least one person among your circle...This mix gave birth to a project, called the twelve percent project. 12% project.

One, two, three webmasters, models & photographers, sometime both, artists, entourage, physicians, illness people, friends, relatives, neighbours, colleagues, etc.

Women and men, all the people involved in this project are committed together in a prevention breastcancer project !

I am taking part as a model and I send a photography. At last, I changed my mind and does not want to take part anymore to the 12% project. What happens to my pictures ?

The images will not be published or if necessary, they will be unpublished.


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