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Confidentiality & Ethics



The 12% Project is an artistic and participatory project.

The 12% Project is completely independent and is not attached to any business or public or private organization in France or the rest of the world.

The 12% Project is not-for-profit and voluntary. It is not a commercial venture.

The data collected as part of the 12% Project will never at any time be communicated, disseminated or sold to third parties.

All participants in the 12% Project are aged over 18 and are freely consenting volunteers. They receive no payment or benefits in kind.



Confidentiality and data protection


Respect for the individual and their image is at the very heart of the 12% Project. This guarantees total transparency.

The images published on this blog will be published only after the person in the photographer (the model) has given their explicit agreement and the photographer/artist has approved.

The model is able to check that the images due to be published do not harm their privacy or reputation before the images are published.

The photographies received via the blog will be photoshopped before they are published. The model gives her consent pre-publication.

Right to withdraw one’s image: people who no longer wish to take part in the project are able to withdraw their images from the blog at any moment, by writing to the webmaster (Contact ).

The images are not hosted on servers who claim ownership over the images they host.

A secure image transfer connection is used (SSQL).



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